Can new Honey Monster cereal recapture ad glory days?

unnamedBack in the day the Honey Monster was a famous breakfast cereal front animal for Quaker’s Sugar Puffs, almost as famous as Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger, with some great advertising from BMP (now DDB).

The lady that used to cut my hair told me one day that another of her clients was the Monster. Which was slightly perturbing, somehow. Anyway, we press on..

The brand is now owned by Halo Foods which claims it’s still the 18th most popular such cereal in the UK. 18th doesn’t sound so good but I guess there are a lot more around these days. It’s being relaunched as Honey Monster Puffs with a major makeover from design firm Smith & Milton.

Halo marketing director Andy Valentine says: “The Honey Monster was a staple of family breakfasts for decades. Our research has shown us that consumers still have a strong feeling of nostalgia, trust and loyalty towards him, so it’s fantastic that we’re able to bring him back.

“Despite a lack of investment for the last few years under previous owners, Honey Monster Puffs has maintained a position as the number 18 brand in the UK cereal category. We feel that the product re-launch, coupled with our move to bring the product name in line with the iconic Honey Monster character, can only amplify this position and help grow our share of the cereals category.”

Halo is promising a multi-million pound ad campaign next year. The lucky agency should be warned – the bar’s set pretty high.

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