BBDO goes into laughter mode for GE – how does it compare with vintage CDP?

Ads are getting longer and longer (thanks to YouTube and the like) and BBDO New York goes the full two minutes plus in this latest promo for GE with Jeff Goldblum.

So far we’ve had a series of stylish corporate films from BBDO for GE but now agency and client are getting down to the nitty gritty pushing GE Link long life LED light bulbs (the ones that never fit your light fittings).

And directing duo Tim & Eric get it over the line.

Back in the day British agency Collett Dickenson Pearce made some of the funniest ads ever – including many with celebrities – and sometimes managed to get the client to pay for a minute of expensive airtime (more for its celebrated cinema ads).

CDP, alas, is no more (it disappeared into Dentsu as I recall, never to be seen again). But I wonder what it would have done with all this time? With the likes of Alan Parker, later a famous film director of course, it certainly had the resources to make longer films.

But would they have been any funnier than these?

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