AMV/BBDO tackles rural roads fatalities

60 per cent of fatal road crashes in the UK occur on rural roads apparently so the Department of Transport has turned to AMV/BBDO to do something about it in the latest instalment of its Think! campaign.

Not entirely sure what you can do about it, given that cars accelerate so fast these days and many (male, probably) drivers can’t resist putting their foot down on what seems like a deserted road with no speed cameras.

But slowing down before entering a blind bend is the advice here – sensible enough – and AMV has dramatised the issue rather well in this film that uses LIDAR scanning technology to show us what the respective drivers can’t see.

Makes it all look rather spectral too, which is appropriate as it’s about drivers ending up dead.

The copywriter was Martin Loraine and the art director Steve Jones. It was directed by Giles Revell from We Folk with an assist by the writing team.

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