72andSunny shows music video creds with ‘faux-Craigslist’ effort for Superhuman Happiness

Agencies are competing with lots of other creative outfits for work these days (who, in turn, are trying to eat agencies’ lunch) and 72andSunny demonstrates its music video credentials in this film for Stuart Bogie’s band SuperHuman Happiness, ‘Catch A Break.’

Produced by 72U, which the agency describes an an in-house ‘creative residency’ it’s a ‘Craigslist-ish faux public message board’ (the agency again) with 150 embedded moments featuring life’s ups and downs.

Here’s the music vid:

The interactive website is here.

Craigslist is reputed to be a good place to meet girls (indeed ladies of many persuasions) and the central character here is winning, as is the vocal by Andrea Diaz.

Nice work – and it cost just $1000 to produce apparently.

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