TalkTalkTV and CHI land blow on Sky, BT and Virgin

Pay-TV has become an essential in the UK rather than a luxury as more and more of the best content (sport, movies) migrates to the various pay channels.

Charles Dunstone’s TalkTalk has been, with a few alarums, a success against the odds in the mobile market and now it looks as though Carphone Warehouse’s TalTalkTV might be about to replicate it.

‘TV with all the extras but without the price tag’ is a compelling proposition and agency CHI & Partners and Nexus directors Smith & Foulkes have brought it to life skilfully in ‘the Mission,’ with its cast of Lord of the Rings-type characters overcoming numerous hurdles to reach the sunlit uplands of TalkTalk.

Mind you, one or all of Sky, BT and Virgin will undoubtedly complain to the ASA that TalkTalk doesn’t do all they do. But by that time everyone will have seen the ad anyway.

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