AKQA launches pop-up e-store for Hermès silk

AKQA has created a pop-up e-store for Hermès silk.

The store at lamaisondescarré has opened in 27 countries across Europe, Asia and America.

“Both an online store offering an exceptionally broad range of our collections, and a place of delightful, constantly evolving experiences, lamaisondescarré tells the story of Hermès silk in an entertaining and unconventional way,” says Bali Barret, ‘artistic director of the women’s ‘universe’ at Hermès.

AKQA creative director Peter Lund says: “We worked in partnership with Hermès to create a digital experience, which takes consumers on a captivating journey, helping them find their perfect silk item within the Hermès extensive collection.”

I see that you can even purchase Hermès silk thingies for your horse in the equestrian section. Hope my daughter doesn’t find out about these.

But, fashion flummery aside, it’s all very nice and will probably shift silk by the truckload – and pick up an award or two for AKQA. The illustrations are by Pierre Marie.

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