Nike heads to Moscow to replace Manchester United – is this entirely wise?

Nike, which was paying Manchester United $40m for the privilege of supplying its kit, has been gazumped by Adidas which is to pay the Red-not-so-Devils these days a mind-boggling $750m over ten years.

So Nike has turned its attentions to Dynamo Moscow, once a famous club (legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin etc) but somewhat it the doldrums recently.

And very excited Nike professes to be about it all.

But is sponsoring a major Russian club, particularly one in Moscow, so clever these days with Russian president Vladimir Putin fuelling the war in Ukraine and in danger of being cast as an international pariah? It may even lose the 2018 World Cup.

Here’s Nike’s new Moscow kit. It’s a pretty weird image – is it supposed to be an icon?

Maybe the Russian FSB has infiltrated Portland….

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