ESPN cracks World Cup ads with US call to arms

I’m just about to go off and watch the Belgium/US game in the World Cup – so unless you read this story in the next 30 minutes you probably won’t be interested.

But I think this ad for ESPN is the best World Cup ad I’ve seen so far, even if it does major on, rather improbably, Clint Dempsey who used to play for Fulham.

Still think Jurgen made a mistake leaving out Landon Donovan..but we’ll see later.


So Jurgen and the boys are on the way home after a 1-2 defeat, which will disappoint World Cup organisers FIFA and, no doubt, ESPN. It will be interesting to see how US interest in soccer holds up, now the World Cup adventure is over.

It was chastening for a Brit (who invented the bloody game or so we claim) to see two sides – one from a very small European country, the other from one where it’s still a minority sport – play a much more measured and coherent game than England ever managed. Klinsmann for England? He’s almost certainly much better off where he is.

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