Bad Beats for TBWA and its Apple account

022013-topic-jimmy-iovineMore, even stronger rumours have surfaced that Apple is about to nix long-serving agency TBWA – this time suggesting that Jimmy Jovine (left), boss of the Beats headphones and music streaming business that Apple bought recently for an eye-popping $3bn, is to play a big role. Probably in concert with Apple’s vast in-house creative cum ad department.

TBWA’s creative work has improved markedly over recent months but once a big company becomes disaffected with an agency that’s usually it, regardless of whether or not it ups its game.

TBWA recently announced that boss Tom Carroll was stepping down to be replaced by Omnicom fireman Troy Ruhanen, whose job at Omnicom was to cosy up to big clients. Could be a case of too little too late.

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