And now for something completely different – Mick Jagger introduces Monty Python reunion tour

From one wrinkly old man to a bunch of others – no, I’m not talking about the IPA Council.

Here’s Mick Jagger, with a semi-comatose Charlie Watts, plugging the Monty Python reunion, currently at the O2 in London.

Very good, I like Mick although I’ve only bought one Stones record in my life, Exile on Main Street: a fine piece of work.

And here’s the old Monty Python gang (you probably had to be there).

I was always a bit agnostic about the Pythons; I thought predecessor ‘At Last The 1948 Show’ with Marty Feldman was much funnier and Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s ‘Not Only but Also’ (now consigned to oblivion because the BBC trashed the tapes) was the best of the lot.

Anyway, there you go. “Is that a dead reunion..?”

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