Adam&Eve shows its populist side for Phones 4u

The amazing transmogrification of DDB London under its new bosses the Adam&Eve crew continues. This new ad for Phones 4u would never have emerged from Bishop’s Bridge Road as was, DDB’s HQ and before that home to the celebrated Boase Massimi Pollitt.

BMP’s legendary creative director the late John Webster, agency founder Martin Boase and MD Chris Powell would have been reaching for the smelling salts if anyone had even suggested it.

But Phones 4U is, as its name suggests, a populist brand so it gets some populist advertising. With a certain amount of fizz and vim admittedly.

A&E’s manifesto is clear: it wants to be big as well as win awards (which it did to great effect as Cannes with a gaggle of Grand Prix for Harvey Nichols).

Various YouTubers have complained that this isn’t actually ‘back to the future’ as it’s just the future, despite the DeLorean. But over 230,000 of them have watched it, even if it makes some of them cross.

Does that count as a result? Probably it does.

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