Lucky Generals puts the Chelsea boot into Clegg and Cameron as UK election build-up gathers speed

Lucky Generals, Helen Calcraft’s new agency, is trying to make a name for itself (it can’t be making money) by handling the Labour Party.

Labour should win next year’s general election in the UK by a distance (the Euro elections are next but Labour shouldn’t be too bothered by these), but the uninspiring combo of leader Ed Miliband and shadow chancellor Ed Balls is making it hard work.

So after a pretty limp start with some posters on the ‘cost of living crisis’ (there’s always a cost of living crisis in dear old Blighty) it’s putting the boot into ‘posh boy’ Tory PM David Cameron and deputy PM Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg with this online film – majoring on the Libe Dem’s disgraceful abandonment of their pledge to abolish student tuition fees and, instead, triple them as the price of their admission to Coalition government.

And it’s good knockabout stuff, with more than a grain of truth.

It’s too long, even for an online film. Two or three smaller ones would have worked better, although cost a bit more. And the end line ‘Labour Hardworking Britain Better Off’ is just pathetic. Did the agency come up with this ungrammatical nonsense or some Labour muppet?

All the parties are fixated with ‘hard-working families’ or some such. What about slackers like me? It’s a democracy for Christ’s sake.

Anyway, it’s a good second start for Lucky Generals – let’s hope there’s more below-the-belt stuff to come.

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