Engine Group launches social media ‘creative newsroom’ Moment Studio in the UK

Producing ‘real time’ content is a tricky business – just ask a journalist – but now more brands are trying to do the same as they adapt their communication wares to social media and the internet.

So Engine Group, the UK-based marcoms independent, is bringing its Moment Studio operation, which it describes as a ‘creative newsroom for hire,’ to the UK. Moment Studio began its life in New York in 2012 as part of Engine’s Deep Focus digital agency.

The Moment team in the UK will include creatives, videographers, photographers, producers, designers and data analysts and will be headed by Engine partner Jonathan Akwue (right) and operations director Paul Johnson. Moment’s clients in New York include Pepsi and Purina.

Moment Studio Akwue says: “There has been a large increase in real-time marketing activity, but many agency processes aren’t suited to delivering high-quality creative content in real-time. On the other hand, we’ve heard complaints from clients that managing ‘always on’ content can be a significant drain on resources whether it is produced in-house or externally. Moment Studio solves both these problems by using a streamlined process to create better content that is shared more often.”

Engine UK CEO Debbie Klein says: says: “Short form creative content demands the same care and attention as any other kind of creative, and through the launch of Moment Studio in the UK we will help our clients produce even more engaging and sharable content that delivers results. The success of Moment Studio in the US shows that brands need a new way of working in the social age.”

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