Twitter launches 1bn users mobile ad network

Unknown-5Twitter has beaten Facebook to the punch with the launch of its new mobile ad network – based on its recent MoPub acquisition – which, it claims, can reach over a billion devices worldwide using Android and Apple operating systems.

Twitter’s worldwide reach is about 240m so the new service should allow it to rival Facebook which has 1.2m users. Facebook is expected to announced its own mobile ads network imminently.

Twitter product manager for revenue Kelton Lynn says: “The MoPub marketplace reaches more than one billion unique devices and handles more than 130bn advertisement requests inside Android and iOS applications every 30 days, making it one of the largest mobile advertisement exchanges in the world.”

The mobile advertising market, which was worth $18bn in 2013, is forecast to expand to $31.5bn in 2014, according to research company eMarketer.

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