Biscuit Filmworks signs new director The Glue Society

Top LA-based production company Biscuit Filmworks has signed a big new director – a very big one in this case as it’s seven-man directing and installation artist collective The Glue Society.

gary-freedman-thumb-200x300-13547The Glue Society includes Gary Freedman (left), who’ll be the main commercial director, Jonathan Kneebone, Matt Devine, James Dive, Pete Baker, Luke Crethar and Paul Bruty who will also also contribute.

Director Freedman has worked for Nike, Axe, Doritos and Burger King among others, and he has won awards at the Cannes Lions, D&AD, Clios and The One Show. He was born and educated in London, started his career as a director in Sydney and now lives and works in New York.

The Glue Society was ranked the second most-awarded director of 2012 by the Gunn Report, and each member of the collective specializes in a particular craft to produce a range of projects from sculptural installations to commercials and long-form entertainment.

Biscuit Filmworks was founded in 2000 by director Noam Murro and managing director Shawn Lacy. Directors on the Biscuit roster include Andreas Nilsson, Aaron Ruell, Aaron Stoller, Bruce St. Clair, Christopher Riggert and Clay Weiner.

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