UK’s Engine wins pan-European creative CREAM project

UK marcoms company Engine is building up quite a public sector business; it’s already one of the UK government’s favoured agencies and now it has been appointed by the European Commission to co-ordinate a study into stimulating creativity.

Unknown-3As part of the brief Engine will work with six research institutions, including Università di Bologna (Italy), Fondazione Guglielmo Marconi (Marconi Institute for Creativity, Italy), Goldsmiths’ College (UK), Medizinische Universitaet Wien (Austria), Guger Technologies (Austria) and the Universidad de la Laguna (Spain).

The CREAM project (Creativity Enhancement through Advanced brain Mapping and stimulation) aims at developing and using new brain mapping technologies to identify the main brain activities related to the creative thinking process in the scientific and artistic domains.

Engine’s main job is provide practical help and explore ways the finding s can be employed in the real world.

Engine chief strategy officer Pete Edwards says: “Creativity is such an important asset, and the opportunity to explore new and innovative ways of enhancing it is very exciting. This project allows us to take a fresh look at what stimulates the creative mind, and could prove to throw up some answers that may significantly impact the way people and businesses think and act in the future.”

Roberto Guerrieri, project lead and a professor at the University of Bologna, says: “This is a project with path-breaking potential and we are delighted to have Engine, a natural home ground of creativity, providing their expertise.”

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