Save The Children and agency Don’t Panic dramatise Syria’s tragedy in compelling new ad campaign

The carnage taking place in Syria makes all of us feel bad – while, at the same time, we recognise (or should) that intervening militarily in Middle Eastern countries is a recipe for further disaster – think Afghanistan and, especially, Iraq.

Launching a few Cruise missiles was never likely to help the standoff between the regime and its multifarious opponents and Barack Obama was quite right not to do so. But lots of people there, including children, are having their lives destroyed in a way we can barely imagine in the lucky old West.

Non-sectarian charities are about the only immediate recourse we have and Save The Children and UK agency Don’t Panic have produced this excellent film that puts us (or our children) in the Syrians’ place.

Brilliant stuff: let’s just hope the money gets through and things become – sometime – a bit better.

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