Leagas Delaney wins Telecom Italia, Tina Fey stars for new Amex card, new R3 survey shows changing China

***Leagas Delaney’s Milan office (with help from the Brits) has won the Telecom Italia account, against a star-studded line-up of European creative agencies. You can find out more here if you’re Italian’s better than mine.

Life’s never dull at Leagas though; the agency recently owned to a £400,000 fraud in 2012, unearthed by the forensic Bob Willott (it claims it has since recouped most of the money). Mind you, in the same year its income was nearly £18m, which testifies to a rather thriving European network.

***Amex is launching an ‘EveryDay’ credit card (with no fee and some rewards) pitched at multi-tasking mums (or should that be ‘moms’), among others. The campaign features Tina Fey in Liz Lemon mode (hooray). But, apparently, Tina’s ‘mom’ was so busy in the ad that none of her purchases went through.

Who’s looking at the card?

***China’s marketers are becoming more loyal to their agencies, with the average relationship now extending to 3.2 years according to new research from consultancy R3. The average in the UK is over six years, which is pretty staggering. But the bad news (from an agency point of view) is that 64 per cent of Chinese companies are now using procurement departments, a massive increase over previous years.

93 per cent said they now conducted media audits and 63 per cent said they carried out financial audits of their agencies. The survey interviewed 400 marketers in China. The full survey is here.

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