Karmarama tries a new spin on an old theme for Cobra

Cobra beer’s problem is that most people think it’s Indian – it’s not it’s British, now majority-owned by Canada’s Molson Coors – so more suited to wash down a curry rather than drink all the time.

So it’s signed up lively UK agency Karmarama to give it a shunt up market with this campaign featuring a bit of India, a bit of Heineken’s ‘Open Your World’ and ‘The Boss,’ a smoothie who makes both beer and bras.

And there’s all sorts of social media gubbins to go with it.

Booze advertisers are addicted to James Bond-types (not that he made bras although he did show a keen interest in them from time to time); Stella Artois’ current campaign features a variety of gallic smoothies. All tongue-in-cheek, but they’re still smoothies.

Which is the Cobra message of course. But great beer campaigns surely need a bit more reality.

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