UK advertisers turn into Lego to plug new movie

Here’s one of those stunts (or ‘specials’) that media owners and agencies love: a whole ad break devoted to one advertiser. In this case it’s Lego, plugging the new Lego movie in ITV’s Dancing on Ice,’ brokered by media agency PHD (which loves this kind of thing) and the broadcaster.

Rather cleverly, from Lego’s point of view, the dosh came from the advertisers featured in Lego versions of their campaigns: British Heart Foundation (the Vinnie Jones ads), (although not the one with the alleged ‘dogging’ strangely), BT (the Lego version of the hero actually looks like him – maybe that’s the actor) and Premier Inn.

Does it work? It’s OK and doubtless there’s also loads of online stuff to make the ‘investment’ go further. The movie bits look like the usual CGI, computer game stuff – which is a bit disappointing from Lego.

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