Scottish Widow returns with (not much of) a plan

I’ve always been rather mystified by the supposedly iconic Scottish Widow – maybe an actress in a black costume counts for superior branding in the over-complex insurance market.

Anyway the gal is back – for the first time in six years! – with this ad from 101.

Well I suppose a plan helps but I doubt that most people in the target market will be very convinced by the proud possessors of a pension plan shown here, something that is likely to deliver you virtually no money once you’ve paid the charges.

Which may be why the line in the commercial is ‘Life feels better when you have a plan’ not ‘Life is better when…’ This used to be known as a weasel, I believe.

Scottish Widows is owned by Lloyds Bank, which has just announced it’s coughing up £10bn for mis-selling payment protection insurance, thereby providing a considerable boost to the cash-strapped British economy. Probably your best bet for a profitable retirement is to be mis-sold something else.

All of which makes the agency’s job rather difficult, admittedly.

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