Now Walmart bangs the drum for American jobs

Walmart, rather like the UK’s Tesco, is hardly the world’s most-loved corporation. One of the things such retailers are often castigated for is buying cheap abroad, at the expense of manufacturing jobs in their home market.

But America is working again, it seems, and Walmart is intent on doings its bit (or jumping on the bandwagon, take your choice) according to this rather good film from Saatchi & Saatchi New York.

Fair do’s – $250bn is a lot of money. It’s amazing the way online media has led to a resurgence in corporate advertising.

One Comment

  1. It sounds like a lot. How’s this for a different stat; A congressional report released in May … calculated how much Walmart workers rely on public assistance. The study found that the 300 employees at one Supercenter in Wisconsin required some $900,000 worth of public assistance a year.

    (Source: that well-known commie rag, Bloomberg Business Week, 23/10/13)

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