Karmarama bounces back with General Mills win

Karmarama, which is one of the UK’s more interesting agencies (with ambitions to become a marcoms group – watch it boys) has done lots of good things in its time although, at the tail end of last year, it took a nasty blow to the privates by losing B&Q to WCRS/Engine Group.

Handling a big retailer is a rite of passage for ambitious indie agencies – even if you shove most of it into the basement and talk nicely to a production agency like Tag, network or Zone.

Unknown-3But the agency seems to be bouncing back and it’s just won two brands from General Mills, Jus-Rol pastry and Betty Crocker baking stuff. General Mills is one of those proper old Mad Men clients, a hangover from the days when big US clients were always General something – Foods, Electricity, Motors etc. The latter two still are, of course.

General Mills also owns bigger brands like Old EL Paso so this is a big opportunity for Karmarama.

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