Twining’s Options and Maxus bank on cold temperature weather deal to heat up sales

Timing is everything in this go-go world and WPP-owned media agency Maxus will be rubbing its chilly hands with glee as UK temperatures plummet on the day that its client Twining’s Options ‘Belgian’ low-calorie hot chocolate starts sponsoring the weather forecast on Absolute Radio.

image002-1The online video-on-demand component of the campaign cranks up when temperatures drop too so what’s bad for us becomes even better for them.

Jean Briden, marketing manager, Twinings marketing manager Jean Briden says: “Options is the perfect January indulgence…sales increase in cold weather and this fact coupled with January’s traditional focus on dieting and healthy eating made this an ideal time to run our biggest campaign of the year.”

Maxus business director Emily Rich says “We’ve developed a clever campaign that maximises the fact that cold weather has a huge effect on Options’ sales, while at the same time targeting Options’ core consumer, the many women who are calorie conscious. Weather activation is something that couldn’t be achieved using TV advertising due to its lead times, hence why digital and VOD has been such a good fit for the brand.”

There’s no need to sound so gleeful about it….

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