Intel teams with Sony in new Amsterdam Worldwide ‘two-in-one’ laptop/tablet campaign

Apple’s launch of the iPad blew a huge whole in the laptop/notebook market, hitting chip manufacturer Intel hard as well as PC makers.

But the annoying thing about iPads is that they’re tricky to use if you want to use a proper keyboard (Apple still doesn’t provide them with one, preferring to direct thwarted users to its pricey MacBooks).

So there’s an opportunity to PC makers here and some, like Samsung, have already exploited it. Another such is Sony with its Vaio range and here it’s teamed with Intel in a new Intel global online campaign from Amsterdam Worldwide showing the versatility of these things.

For some reason gadget ads feature either geeks or unreasonably happy young people – in this case, obviously, it’s geeks. As such it’s rather reminiscent of all the the other Mac/Pc ads you’ve ever seen.

But it’s clocked up over 1.5m YouTube hits already so it seems to be hitting the spot. We’re all geeks these days…

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