Gollum-like ‘Underdog’ is back for NAR – worse luck

I hate these ads for National Accident Helpline (itself something of a weasel as they’re a bunch of claims lawyers not a social service).

We have the revolting ‘Underdog’ character and his would-be nemesis the law, voiced by the booming Brian Blessed (it’s usually a stinker if Brian is in it).

So it came as a shock to find out (belatedly) that the long-running campaign is by The Gate (formerly CST) and the work of the great Dave Trott in cahoots with Aardman Animation.

Well I suppose it does most of the things that Trott wants his campaigns to do: it stands out, lodges in the memory and makes its point succinctly.

The trouble is, the Gollum-like Underdog has you racing for the remote as soon as it slithers on screen.

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