David Beckham offers helping hand for Sainsbury’s ‘Active Kids’ TV promotion

Here’s a sweet little ad from AMV/BBDO for UK supermarket Sainsbury’s ‘Active Kids’ promotion. We all seem to be fretting about fat kids (and indeed fat oldies) these days so it’s sensible for Sainsbury to do its bit.

Clever idea to get Becks in there too. Will he take on more of a Jamie Oliver front man role for Sainsbury?

sainsbury_s_beckham_52012Sainsbury CEO Justin King announced the other day that he was stepping down, handing over to his number two. As ever, Justin’s timing is impeccable: he took the top job at Sainsbury when the company was in the mire market share-wise (although its profits were much the same a decade ago) and turned things round. ‘Active Kids’ might help secure the knighthood. Don’t David and Justin (left) make a lovely pair?

Now he’s leaving as German discounters Aldi and Lidle bite huge chunks out of the British supermarket big four (Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Morrisons) – smart boy.

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