Withings strips off in a good cause – but which one?

Here you go: this is very brave.

Not on the part of the 100 or so people taking part who get their kit off (these days it’s harder to persuade people to keep it on) but on the part of Withings, which doesn’t actually say anywhere (so far as I can see) what it does.

Apparently it produces devices and apps to help with wellbeing (now why didn’t I know that?).

Very good anyway, from Man+Hatchet (never heard of them either).

On the subject of people disrobing in numbers, do you remember the time when Charles Saatchi launched an exhibition at his gallery (when it was in Waterloo) involving another mass strip?

In those days the ‘reclusive’ Charles never turned up to his own exhibitions, sending Nigella instead.

How things change. These days he’d be hosting a conference for the world’s media and, maybe, even unbuttoning his shirt collar himself.

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