Now Samsung says Galaxy Gear holds key to romance

For some reason this opus from Samsung – which we might as well call Jack and Amy’s Galaxy Gear romance – has taken a fearsome amount of stick over in the US.

Cheesy is just one of the more polite descriptions. Don’t know what all the fuss is about personally. This is how bright young things appear to behave like these days – it’s a veritable slice of life. Thank goodness both the blokes don’t have one or we could have wandered into dangerous territory.

The ever-wise Jeremy Bullmore opined in Campaign the other day that people of a certain age should completely ignore technology. Otherwise, what would younger people have to feel superior about? Nail on head, as ever.

It’ll get worse though. Heaven knows what we’ll have to look at next year when China Mobile starts flogging iPhones. Can’t wait for the world according to gadget manufacturers in 2014.

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