Mark Andrews: my agency, ads and person of the year

Unknown-8Mark Andrews started at the BBC in news and current affairs then moved to the music business at Warner Bros. He joined advertising as a producer at CDP, becoming Head of TV in the late 80s, producing some of the most award-winning work of the time. He launched Propaganda Films (Polygram) in the UK and European in the early 90s, which was then the worlds largest commercial, music video and feature production company. He started TSUNAMI Films in the late 90s, a multi award- winning production company, followed by M-A-D-E in 2005 and MADE In London in 2010.


Agency of the year

BBH London. Still unrivalled in breadth and depth of quality of output. But VCCP and AMV/BBDO are hot on their heels.

Special agency nomination goes to: Butler Shine Stern & Partners, Sausalito California. Their work (see their Mini campaign) is the kind of stuff at a high-level of sophistication that launched agencies such as Goodby Silverstein, Weiden’s etc. It’s the kind of work that made me join Propaganda Films in the 90’s.


Person of the year Gill (ECD, above) and the entire management of BBH for keeping the quality and scope up whilst existing in an international group with all the pressures and complications that could easily have made them take their eye off the ball.

2nd person

Tim Kirkman at ESTV “London Live”. Under Tim’s leadership they came from behind and against superstrong rival bids to win what could turn out to be a real game-changer in UK broadcasting in 2014. It’s possibly the last valuable franchise for terrestrial that will be offered and in such a valuable market – London and the South East and at number eight on the channel selector. That gives it unrivalled potential as real competition for all the majors and a page-one programme listing. It’s a Tote-Treble! He’s probably not well-known yet but he will be.


Ad Campaign.

Does it have to be British? (No, it doesn’t Mark). If it does, I can’t choose one as a ‘stand-alone’. There were some outstanding commercials and press ads as part of campaigns. If it doesn’t have to be British then I really like the Jack & Jones TV spots featuring Christopher Walken by Danish agency &Co. Talk about fringe? But that in my opinion, is where all the great work starts. The best poster this year was Land-Rover, ‘British Lions’.


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