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Public/private parts, sing along with KFC and BBH, Boots and Mother get real for Christmas

My friend George Parker chose to highlight this piece of performance art/vagina exploration on his wonderful Adscam today.

Is George becoming a feminist?

***The last refuge of a scoundrel in advertising is usually a song – or a jingle – or, god help us, an anthem. Although we love the good ones, of course.

Even BBH in London is not immune to this temptation; as instanced in this Christmas opus for KFC, due to appear on Saturday’s X-Factor at the cost of several squillions of GBPs.

It wouldn’t surprise me if ’11 herbs and spices’ became the bloody Christmas number one.

***We have yet to pick our best Christmas ad – it’s a fairly short list at the moment – but I really like this ad for Boots from Mother.

It’s a bit faux-real but it’s a good spin on the old Guardian ‘Points of View’ treatment. An apparently absconding hoodie-wearer can be nice to, among others, old people.

We sometimes play a tune in these round-ups – and here’s one of the best Christmas ones from tThe Crystals.

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