BBH CCO Alexandre Gama picks his Desert Island Ads

Ale GamaAlexandre (Ale) Gama founded leading Brazil agency Neogama in 1999. The agency partnered with BBH in 2002 and became the network’s Latin America hub. In 2012 Gama was appointed worldwide CCO of BBH by predecessor Sir John Hegarty when Publicis Groupe purchased BBH’s stake in Neogama and all of of BBH in the same deal. Gama has won numerous creative awards at Cannes, The One Show, D&Ad and other major events and been voted Brazil’s communications industry entrepreneur of the year. Before founding Neogama he was CEO of Y&R Brazil and before then worked at AlmapBBDO and Ogilvy.

Guinness – ­Surfer

Plenty has already been said about this favourite of creatives. For me it’s one of the greatest examples of advertising reaching entertainment level.

Tango – Orange Man

When I saw it first time, I couldn’t believe it. So fresh, so out of nowhere. A brilliantly hilarious way of dramatising the taste of something. Unforgettable and forever funny.

Apple – 1984

Selling a product as freedom was genius. Taking advantage of the year when it happened and its meaning made the idea unique. The greatest teaser piece of all time in my humble opinion.

Pepsi – Archaeologist

The quintessential challenger brand advertising commercial. Bold, daring, funny and provocative. Surely, not possible in times of political correctness as today? It made me understand that no matter how big the big guy competitor is, creativity can always help to find a way to fight him.

Levi’s – Dangerous Liaisons

The most engaging product demonstration commercial ever in my opinion. So clever, sexy and magical. Perfect production and casting. Perfect use of song. Just perfect.

Levi’s – Dangerous Liaisons from THE APA on Vimeo.

OMO – Roboboy

Those of us who are fathers (and mothers) can barely hold the tears when watching this. In the ’emotional tone of voice’ film category there are very few out there to compare to it. Delicate and moving with great visual story telling.

John West – Bear Fight

Fun, fun, fun. Visual,visual, visual. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

Audi – Wakeboarder

Again, product demonstration elevated to a greater level. The art of selling elegantly.

Carlton Draught – Big Ad

What can I say? It’s BIG, it’s an ad and it’s mad. One of the greatest on my list.

The Guardian – Three Little Pigs ­

In a world of Assanges, Snowdens, drones and fundamentalists, who’s the wolf and who are the pigs? A piece that makes a big point about truth, points of view and the value of information in our time.

Reality is a twisted fairy tale. Crafted and executed brilliantly.

Johnnie Walker – Rock Giant

It’s very rare that you get the chance for one of your ideas to become so big and meaningful it reaches beyond its original commercial objective. That’s the case here. This a work that got deep beneath the cultural and social fabric of Brazil. The rock giant touched the collective mind of all Brazilians in a key moment and got famous big time in 2012. So much so that, this year, it was used on the web by people to ignite the recent national street protest demonstrations in the country. The video they made using parts of the Rock Giant Johnnie Walker commercial got national recognition and the hashtag # ogiganteacordou (the giant is no longer asleep) got 62 million impacts in two days on Twitter. So, witnessing something you did being used to inspire people at such a level, in a crucial moment for the country, is rewarding at a level above any award.

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