Adweek celebrates 35 years with ‘best of’ reel

Adweek in the US is 35 it seems, so it’s produced a video of outstanding/interesting ads from each of those years.

They’re mostly American, obviously (these are the ex-colonials who think there’s a ‘World Series’ of baseball.

But W+K London gets in there for Honda, Fallon for Cadbury’s ‘Gorilla’ and McCann Melbourne for ‘Dumb Ways To Die.’

Anyway, I like Adweek. Sometimes its deconstructions of commercials go on a bit but we’re all rather guilty of that at times.

It’s been number two to Ad Age for most of that time. There used to be a UK paper called Advertiser’s Weekly, which then became Adweek briefly (no relation), which Campaign bought when I used to work there.

The masthead was supposed to read Campaign incorporating Adweek, which lasted for about a week until the subs thought it was too boring.

As you do; in those days Campaign was pretty good at kicking sand in people’s faces (a policy I wholeheartedly endorsed).

There you go. Adweek has even survived the brief, bizarre, editorship of Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff; an ornament to journalism (no doubt) but a crazy decision for something called Adweek.

so well done Adweek: here’s to the next 35.

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