Santo scores Premiership winner for Carlsberg

It looked a bit peculiar when the global Carlsberg departed Fold7 in London for Santo in Buenos Aires, given the laddish tenor of its pretty successful ‘that Calls For A Carlsberg’ campaign.

And the above-mentioned chicken could have come home to roost when Carlsberg, which sponsors high-flying Liverpool, decided to try a ‘rah-rah – don’t we all love the Premiership’ campaign (these are obligatory in UK marketing these days) for the start of the current season.

But they know a thing or two about football in Argentina and the chosen theme, a roller coaster, is spot on for this year’s Premiership (as Liverpool will find out when they play Everton in a couple of weeks). It’s also a neat touch to get some old football lags (Robbie Fowler, Chris Kamara, Gareth Southgate) endangering their tailoring on the roller coaster.

So Santo looks a pretty good call by Carlsberg.

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