Romance is one thing but credit cards count for more according to new Barclaycard campaign from BBH

Here’s a touching tale from Barclaycard and BBH, which is not really what you expect from a credit card.

So we have the forlorn Chris and the winsome Jessica, separated by the lure of Barclaycard’s ‘Freedom Rewards’ money-off offers.

Oh well, maybe she isn’t the right girl for him after all.

Actually it’s a nice bit of proper advertising, the hallmark of BBH’s work for Barclays. It’s pretty hard to make anything to do with banks attractive these days (only this week we learned that the ‘ethical’ Co-op Bank is to be bailed out by two US hedge funds, of all things) but BBH is giving this thankless task its best shot.

Which is why you hire a good agency, of course.

One small quibble: would thrifty Jessica fill the tank of her ancient Mini with expensive ‘super’ unleaded petrol? Splitting hairs..

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