Fangs ain’t wot they used to be with DentiDrill

Unknown-7Yikes, this is all a bit reminiscent of Marathon Man, the film in which Laurence Olivier attacks Dustin Hoffman’s fillings.

GreyPossible in Amsterdam is launching DentiDrill, a device for ‘home cavity care that will keep you smiling,’ for a company called ixorg.

An artful viral campaign has driven over 200,000 people to the website without saying exactly what it is; here’s a rather artless informercial that tells you. A way of keeping your dental costs down it says, which is fair enough as the teeth merchants make far too much money. Beats tying a string to your tooth and then slamming the door.

Self-medication could be the next big thing as so-called health services become more and more expensive. But would you trust someone with a DentiDrill?



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