Engine Group is HMG’s forces’ favourite with combined Royal Navy and RAF recruitment win

The coalition government may have been driving agencies up the wall with its convoluted selection and procurement policies (now via the newly-constituted Government Communications Service) but Peter Scott’s Engine Group seems to have mastered the art of form-filling.

Engine has won a swathe of government business and now it’s been appointed to handle both the Royal Navy and RAF recruitment accounts, which looks like another bit of cost-cutting by HMG.

Unknown-5It’s a bit of mystery why the Government should be spending on armed forces recruitment at all, given that it appears determined to reduce the navy to a gunboat and a couple of dinghies while the RAF is hardly overburdened these days with the conflict in Afghanistan supposedly coming to an end and bugger all to do in Germany. But all those rear-admirals and air vice-marshals have to do something, I guess.

Engine’s WCRS ad agency will lead on the account, working with the other Engine bits. Engine/WCRS beat M&C Saatchi and Ogilvy to the combined account.




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