Twilight’s Pattinson goes fang-free for Dior Homme

“I wanna be your back door man” intones Led Zep’s Robert Plant at one point in Whole Lotta Love.

Well Twilight star Robert Pattinson doesn’t go as far as that in his sexy new ad for Dior Homme (in fact it’s remarkably un-graphic) but it’s packing them in on the web with getting on for three and a half million views on YouTube.

But is this film from director Romain Gavras just the usual load of well-dressed tosh we expect from fragrance companies? To a degree of course, but it’s done with a rather likeable spring in its step.

It will be interesting to see how WPP’s new bespoke Chanel agency Plus handles these matters. Given that the whole humungous industry is selling dreams in a bottle what else can you do?

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