Sperry Top-Sider shows illustration isn’t dead in ads

Those damned Yankees have just won the America’s Cup yacht race once again (note the apostrophe) so it’s appropriate (stretching this one a bit) to essay a nautical theme – in this case a campaign for Sperry Top-Sider, a posh brand of US deck shoes.

Most of the owners of same will never go near a boat of course but that’s fashion for you. I’ve noticed a few Norfolk jackets in London recently and I bet they haven’t got a dead pheasant in each pocket.

Anyway, Sperry hired Illustrator Tim Tomkinson for its latest ‘Coastal Discovery’ campaign and he produced some rather good antique-style efforts.

Tomkinson is represented by Friend and Johnson, an interesting outfit which handles a diverse group of creatives who work in all media. Illustration is a bit of a dying art in advertising (digital and all that) so it’s nice to see that it can still do the business.

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