Qatar Airways finds a YouTube open goal with new FC Barcelona campaign from 180

You don’t need to do that much to rack up nearly three million views on YouTube – not if it’s a football film anyway, preferably Barcelona.

Qatar Airways is the first sponsor of the Catalan giants so !80 Amsterdam was given the plum task of plugging this arrangement to the world. In which case their first job was, to take an analogy from a rival game, not to drop the ball.

And indeed they don’t. There are some nice touches, Gary Lineker as a cab driver for one and the land of FCB for another (no, not the agency) but really it’s like all the other football films you’ve seen, from Nike downwards.

Still the Qatar stewardess (are they still called that?) seems to be enjoying it all. Don’t venture into the dressing room though love, you know what these footballers can be like – especially at the start of the season before they’ve had time to run around a bit.

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