New BBH RS6 Avant campaign for Audi certainly comes from a less obvious place

Here’s the most interesting UK Audi ad for ages; a new one from BBH plugging the benefits of the souped-up (as we used to say) Audi RS6 estate car.

Now quite why you should want a rocket-powered estate car is a moot point. Aren’t they supposed to be for families and dogs, who may not appreciate the driver’s Lewis Hamilton tendencies?

Reminds me of a few years ago when hapless Rover, in its final final knockings, proudly announced it had produced the world’s fastest estate car. Unsurprisingly this failed to rescue the company from oblivion.

But no doubt there’s planning method in this madness – maybe making the point that all Audis come in go-faster form even though the company doesn’t expect many people to buy this one.

‘More power from a less obvious place’ indeed. And it’s good to see the ref as a hero.

Bet they don’t try it with a football ref though. That really would be a leap too far.

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