M&C takes the gay way for Nat West Cashback Plus

Is this the first time a lesbian couple have appeared in a British TV ad, and a bank ad at that?

Well they make a fleeting appearance in this new ad for Nat West Cashback Plus, a new retail loyalty scheme, from M&C Saatchi (not the two redhead principals).

It’s interesting on other levels too; not least Nat West’s attempt to market itself in a way that rewards customers but doesn’t land it before the beak for mis-selling, as with some of the accounts where you pay for supposed benefits.

Not sure about the voiceover though. Sounds like the actress who fronts Virgin Media’s call centre, the one who offers you 128 different bloody options before you get to speak to a human being at the 12th attempt. She is not a popular lady with about three million members of the UK population.

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