Havas Dusseldorf wheels out the big model battalions for Citroen’s sparky DS3

Wondered who’d done this new ad, ‘Style Parade,’ for Citroen’s DS3 and the answer is: H /Havas Dusseldorf.

It’s a neat combo of French flair (befitting the DS3 and (dare one say it) German something or other (obviously one dare not).

When the DS3 emerged it seemed weird, even by Citroen’s standards. Supposedly harking back to the immortal DS range (left) it didn’t look anything like the auto that used to chauffeur the likes of President de Gaulle around, neither was it aimed at that sector of the market.

In fact it competes with upscale Minis and other sporty hatchbacks and appears to do so rather well; its fits its rather bulbous shape (cars just get bigger) rather better than the new generation of bloated Minis.

The film was directed by Sebastien Chantrel for Why Us and features possibly the biggest collection of models ever rounded up in one place (Axe might contest this). Which should have made for a fun shoot, unless they were all throwing their mobiles at each other.

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