BETC shows ITV how to promote TV drama with new campaign for Canal+Series

BETC Paris’ ad ‘The Bear’ for Canal+ was one of the most awarded in recent history and the agency is back on the case to launch Canal+Series, a new channel devoted to drama series.

This one doesn’t have the creative fireworks of The Bear but it’s a class piece of work all the same, with a real idea/story.

The copywriter was Jean-Christophe Royer and the art director Eric Astorgue. It was directed by Aussie Steve Rogers for Wanda.

It does rather contrast with ITV’s latest promo for its winter drama series. This too is beautifully produced but where’s the idea?

Maybe its because most of the series are gloomy cop shows. I saw Whitechapel the other week. What a load of (extremely gory) old tosh.

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