BBDO shows Gillette what it might be missing as it moves to new agency Grey

Funny how agencies often seem to produce their best work on an account during the protracted period between losing it and it actually moving to a new agency.

Maybe they’re no longer frightened of the client – there’s no point is there? There’s also the challenge of setting the bar as high as possible for the new agency.

$300m Gillette, owned by Procter & Gamble, is in the process of leaving BBDO in the US for WPP’s Grey (much gnashing of teeth at Omnicom Towers over that one) and BBDO, which has produced some atrocities for the shaving behemoth in the past, has finally found a bit of muscle with this film, “Training Tracks.’

It’s for deodorant, which is a bit easier than shaving, and follows a well-trodden path in American advertising of using sweaty sportsmen (in this case NFL types). And it goes on a bit.

But it’s a reminder to Grey that BBDO is waiting in the wings.

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