Alexandre Gama’s Neogama shows what it can bring to new BBH with winner Johnnie Walker ad

I never quite got the Johnnie Walker ‘Keep Walking’ campaign from BBH although it was easy to see why you needed to be a touch left field to market scotch whisky globally – given that you can’t say it tastes nice or gets you pissed.

But this new ad from Brazil’s Neogama BBH resonates even with me; it is a nasty old/new world in many respects, young people (especially teenagers of course, who can’t be included here) always want to be older because they think it’s going to be better (fools!) and ‘keep walking’ has a certain stoic quality which certainly works here.

So it’s a winner! Probably won’t win many, if any, awards but it’s how you do global booze advertising that actually engages with people. Probably the only extant example actually.

And probably some relief to see such a good ad emerge from Neogama for the creatives at BBH in London and New York who now have a new CCO in Neogama founder Alexandre Gama (left).

“Have you met him yet?” I asked a BBH creative the other day.

“No,” he said but then added, with an air of triumph, “I saw him in the lift though.”

Modern life, as we said. Time for a drink probably…



Neogama tells me this was a BBH ad. Politics, politics…

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