W+K New York takes Southern Comfort for even more of a walk on the wild side

Can you think of any current campaigns that stop you in your tracks and make you think “I haven’t seen that before” or, maybe, “haven’t a clue what to make of that.”

Well Wieden+Kennedy New York’s ‘Whatever’s Comfortable’ for Southern Comfort is heading in that direction.

The first one, ‘Beach,’ was brilliant and but pretty straightforward.

But later versions have moved into rather more challenging territory, like this one, ‘Karate.’

Nice when ads still have a capacity to surprise. And a feather in the cap for W+K New York (and director Tim Godsall of Biscuit). W+K’s Portland HQ is still the powerhouse of the mini-network but the agency, as all these constructs do, needs a strong New York office too.

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