The gospel according to Dan Wieden: the big marcoms companies are ”wobbling like drunkards”

Actually that was only a small part of what the Wieden+Kennedy founder said at Ad Age’s Small Agency conference in his home town of Portland earlier this month but it’s pretty irresistible; especially as his remarks pre-dated the Pubiicis Omnicom merger by just a few days.

Mainly he talks about the changes imposed by technology and ways to direct and influence that change as opposed to being dragged along helplessly (know what he means).

Back to the drunkards, I guess one of his points is that you can’t can’t be a creative company and a massive technology-driven media outfit at the same time.

At the moment the likes of PubliCom and WPP are looking more like old-style conglomerates than integrated units – despite the constant mantra of doing all this stuff to serve clients better.

How long will it be before shareholders, let alone clients, twig this?

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