Leagas Delaney outlines UK housing crisis with ‘bank of mum and dad’ news ad for Shelter

We have a monumental housing crisis in the UK, where young people (in particular) can’t afford to get on what we cheerfully call the ‘housing ladder’ because they don’t have any money for the deposit, let alone paying the mortgage costs of these over-priced properties.

So, some lucky ones resort to the ‘bank of mum and dad.’ I’ve been it.

But lots of people don’t have this option and it’s a big problem.

Leagas Delaney has produced this perky film for venerable UK housing charity Shelter outlining the problem, using a faux news programme technigue.

Will it help to solve the problem? Not sure really. The UK is becoming an ever-more unequal society, with silly Bernie Ecclestone offspring owning £60m houses in Kensington.

It’s not a society any more, it’s a theme park for the rich.

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