It’s back to work time in adland – to twerk or not to twerk, that’s the question

It’s the end of the summer (booh!) and therefore back to work. So a new business year awaits when the battle between Sir Martin Sorrell’s ‘math men,’ the number crunchers he thinks will take over the world, and people trying to sell ideas will no doubt intensify.

Well it’s a decent debate. But let’s have a few more advocates on the idea side of things: John Hegarty and Dan Wieden can only do so much and they’ve been around for decades. David Droga is doing his bit but the intrepid antipodean needs some support.

The media munchers really are taking over the ad world. How can a creative business lack good advocates?

***Life goes on and the new thing seems to be ‘twerking,’ which involves lots of female bumping and grinding with a male hip-hopper in attendance.

And it’ll appear in ads soon, which means that lots of them will be banned and then everyone will say: “so what?”

So here’s Miley Cyrus at the VMA awards flashing her inner thighs with male sex symbol Robin Thicke. Robin Thicke? You couldn’t make it up.

First sex on stage at an awards do? There’s a challenge for the Brits.

***Never one to duck a challenge, MAA is planning to launch a number of events which will try to cast some useful light on the increasingly complex business of advertising, marketing and media. We’ll be trying to bring together the best entrepreneurial and creative people in a forum where people can create better communications and more successful businesses. More details to come but you can email us if you’d like to be involved.

***Awards are a big business these days, a bit like the Oscars – do they actually represent the best work from around the world or just the most successful marketing behind them? You can’t turn the clock back – obviously – but it’s something to consider. So we recommend Giles Keeble’s recent post on these matters. His notion that there should be be Lions and the like in various categories is surely sensible: otherwise every gong will go to public service films.

***When I travel around Europe in the summer it’s always frustrating that the really interesting musical events seem to happen the in the week after I’ve gone. In Puglia there was a jazz festival starting a few days later (I’m not a jazzer but I could be converted) and then, last week in Berlin, there were all sorts of classical things happening in September.

But maybe they’ve got their target marketing right.

I remember chasing Dylan around Catalonia one August. Have a nice weekend.

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